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We are loved, we are taken for granted.

Elijah pushed his hands deeper into his jeans pockets as his eyes scanned the crowds of people. “Too many.” He muttered under his breath. He had been spending the weekend searching for Niklaus, and it seemed he would end it empty handed.

I’m only here for this moment…

Pausing in the midst of everyone, Elijah took a moment too appreciate the burning sensation of the thirst in his throat. It had been days since he had last fed. Keeping himself busy he found he could ignore it, as a type of torture for himself.

The things they do to me, they tried to make me plead.

Which he needed, a punishment for his younger brothers death, and the split of his siblings. He needed to feel the pain, feel the weight of whom he had let down. And this was the only way he knew how too. Balling his fists tight, Elijah took a step forward, his eyes closed only to bump into someone. “Excuse me.” He muttered out, opening his eyes.

I will never need them, like they need me.

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Elijah ran a hand through his ruffled hair, before approaching the blonde female. “Camille.” He said, nodding his head as a hello. “I except you’re doing well.”

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Ouch, don't you think cold is a little harsh? I think guarded would be a far more suitable adjective to describe her.

"Perhaps I’d much rather use the term impassive when it concerns Katerina.”

What would you do if you were to find out your darling Katerina was human again?

“I’d figure that even now with a beating heart, she’d be as cold as shes always been.”


non omnis moriar | Elijah and Kol


Kol grasped Elijah’s hand, holding onto it as if his existence depended on it. The feeling was both familiar and strange. He felt Elijah’s strength, but where was the genteelness, the compassion, the warmth that always emanated from his brother? Was this death? Was this what being truly dead felt like? If they were in some version of heaven, then where was Henrik, and why were they in pain? If they were in hell, then wouldn’t they be suffering more?

Elijah pulled him up and helped support him; Kol let him lead the way out of the caves and into the forest. When they had been walking for a few minutes, Kol placed his hand on a nearby tree to steady himself, yearning for that sense of solidarity and energy—

But there was nothing. Emptiness. Still. There was only thing that could explain the hollow feeling that was stripping him of his connexion to life and nature. His magic was gone. “Elijah?” Kol had never experienced fear as powerful as that which was gripping him right now. “My magic. I can’t … I can’t feel my magic.” That would explain why his body was almost burning up from the pain of death - his magic had left him and every fiber of his being longed for its missing half. He held back from outright crying, but his eyes were stinging from the few tears that had formed.

It was strange, though. The more he tried to feel the energy and life of the forest and its inhabitants, the more he could hear, could see, could smell. There was the smell of the grass mixed with the dew that had come late at night, he noticed the tiny movement patterns caused by the wind and small animals scurrying to their homes - but he could hear a thousand and one heartbeats simultaneously and that was when the hunger struck again.

Kol was drawn towards the sounds, each beat sending his hunger into overdrive. He was aware that he was shaking now, his senses attuned to every flicker of movement as he looked for a single source of food. He’d been warned by the natives not to eat meat from animals without having cooked it over an open fire to drive away the bad spirits. But everything in him just wanted to ignore that - he felt like he wanted to rip into life itself. His magic had told him that all life held value, and that even the smallest creature could fell its greatest enemy.

There was such a war going on inside of him. Part of him wanted to slaughter, another wanted to save, but he couldn’t think clearly through the pain, couldn’t decide which path to take now. He sank to a sitting position, leaning back against the trunk of the tree. “Elijah … what’s wrong with me? What’s happening?”

He stood aside, watching as his brother had the internal struggle. It was hunger against heart. The hunger causing them to crave and want to eat everything in sight, while their hearts wanted to save and preserve everything. His brown eyes flashed too his younger brother when he finally asked the big question. “Mikael murdered us.” Not bothering to take a softer approach; he need Kol to understand this.

"We died, and came back as this." He said while gesturing to himself. "We came back with this hunger." Elijah’s eyes turning fierce as he stepped forward towards his brother. "It causes us to crave, and too feel this painful hunger." Taking his brothers hand once more he squeezed. "It also came with gifts though, our speed, strength and agility has been greatly increased." Squeezing harder too put emphasis one what he was saying. He watched Kol’s face for a reaction, first seeing the fear arrive in his eyes to only be quickly replaced with confusion.

I don’t quite understand.” Kol’s voice sounded shaky as he looked into Elijah’s eyes for an answer. Without missing a beat Elijah turned on his heel and called behind him. “Follow me as best you can.” He said before taking off at vampire speed through the forest. Only stopping about half a mile away by the caves to listen for Kol. He heard him before he felt him as his younger brothers body ran into his. “What on earth…” Kol’s words drifted off as he steadied himself.

Placing a hand on Kol’s shoulder he patted it slowly. “That is not all I need to tell you. Unfortunately it seems all of this came with a price brother.” Sighing he gestured around to the sky. “When dawn breaks we must hide in the shadows; or else our skin will burn.”

Pausing and closing his eyes for a second, he listened for the soft sound of breathing from one of the caves.”I also need you to do something for me Kollie.” He said his voice calm and careful making a point of using Kol’s childhood nickname for a sense of familiarity. “I need you too trust me. Alright baby brother? Do this and I swear I will explain everything more clearly.”

Rounding the edge of the trees,by the caves Elijah picked one. Knocking softly against the hard rock he waited for the women inside to wake up and come towards him. She was young, perhaps only around twenty. Her long golden hair was like a halo around her pale face in the moonlight. The ends falling just barely above her breasts. The white night gown she was wearing did not do well to help disregard her angelical appearance.

"Invite me in." He compelled her his brown eyes dilating for just a moment." Come in." Her soft voice said. "What is your name my dear?" He asked, brushing a stray strand of hair away from her face. "Eva." She said her voice barely above a whisper.

Turning towards his younger brother. “This women is named Eva, she has a family and a life.” He explained to him, hoping that once he began to feed he’d remember this. “We do not want her harm, remember this.” Turning back to the women, he brushed her hair off her neck before looking her in the eyes again. “Do not scream, nor run. You will enjoy this, and forget it after.” Pausing he met his brothers eyes once more with a small nod. “I promise to explain after more after.”

Tossing his head back, long elegant looking fangs descended from his gums as dark veins appeared around his eyes. In a whip like motion he had the girl in a tight grip and his fangs were in her neck. Taking only a small drink as it took everything in him to restrain he pulled back. His eyes opened, as he met his brothers terrified gaze. “I will be eternally sorry for this brother.” Reaching out he gripped onto his brothers arm and yanked him forcefully forward. Turning the women’s head to the side now showcasing her bloody bite mark. “You must drink Kol.” He said before releasing his arm only to grab the back on his neck forcing Kol’s head to snap down and his mouth to land on the bloody wound.

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“Hello brother.” Henrik said, his eyes roaming over his older sibling.


Elijah’s brow knit together as he looked at the younger vampire. The look of him was familiar but almost too impossible to believe. “Henrik?” He asked, clearly caught off guard.

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Elijah & Caroline

"Ah Ms. Forbes." Elijah said politely, bowing his head. "It’s been awhile hasn’t it?"

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